The Shan Tang has its origin in Chao Shan and flourished overseas to countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and subsequently Singapore and Malaysia, wherever there was a significant number of Chao Zhou descendants. In the present setup in Singapore, which we can describe as “One Origin, One Main and Six Branches. The original Temple is in Da Wu Village, Chao An Fu Yang Prefecture with the main temple in Singapore presently located in Bedok, with six branches, in sequence, according to their inception, located in Toa Payoh (Singapore), Malacca (Malaysia), Bukit Timah (Singapore), Muar (Malaysia), Pontian (Malaysia) and Penang (Malaysia).

Tua Goh Seu Teck Sean Tong (CHN)

Established in 1902

Seu Teck Sean Tong Yang Sin Sia (SGP)

Established in 1916

Toa Payoh Seu Teck Sean Tong (SGP)

Established in 1942

Seu Teck Sean Tong Malacca (MAS) 

Established in 1950

Bukit Timah Seu Teck Sean Tong (SGP)

Established in 1959

Seu Teck Sean Tong – Muar (MAS)

Established in 1961

Seu Teck Sean Tong – Pontian (MAS)

Established in 1964

Seu Teck Sean Tong – Penang (MAS)

Established in 1990