Toa Payoh Seu Teck Sean Tong (TPSTST) was established in 1942 and founded by a group of worshippers who respect and believe in our Grand Master Song Da Feng. Over the years, the Temple’s directors, staff, worshippers and supporters have always adhered to Grand Master Song Da Feng’s Principle of Charitable Deeds, for a Charitable Temple , and continuously and actively supported various charitable activities.

Since the establishment of the Temple, all members have generously supported the victims and casualties of natural disasters, wars, accidents, plague, fire disasters, floods and all kinds of distress; as this is our belief in the teaching of Happiness from Charitable, Compassionate and Courageous Acts. In the promotion of this teaching TPSTST continuously contributes to charitable deeds to our society and also shares with all the precious values of Kindness, Sincerity, and Goodness thereby propagating our Temple’s tradition, heritage and culture!


TPSTST promotes the philosophies of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism as the moral foundations to cultivate – from the ancient teachings and evolving through rich historical contexts, to continue to be relevant in the modern world.

In relation to the Buddha’s teaching of “Four Immeasurable Hearts”, which are essential virtues and qualities. We strongly promote essential virtues like Filial Piety, Respect for Seniors, Honour, Mercy, Compassion, Happiness and Willingness and qualities. Encouraging all to practise them in everyday life. Today, the teaching can be interpreted in a simple way:


To optimize various methods for charity welfare services – to expand our charity activities internationally.


To provide more medical support services for the public – to make medical services more accessible and universal.


To follow our roots of tradition and culture – to preserve culture and promote profundity.


We refer to as giving. Continuously raising the awareness of the public to contribute to worthy causes.


Toa Payoh Seu Tek Sean Tong celebrates 75th anniversary

LianHe ZaoBao: Chairman  of Seu Tek Sean Tong receiving awards

LianHe ZaoBao: Toa Payoh Seu Tek Sean Tong held a vegetarian banquet for thousands of people to celebrate their 75th anniversary

Story of Grand Master Song Da Feng